Monday, August 22, 2011

Ramadhan Buffet of SACC : The Attraction of Kambing Kebuli

Last year, I have my reunion in SACC, Shah Alam. My hubby and I found the meals served were so variable and extra extra. So we decided to come back again here this year. Tadaaa!!! We booked our seats for the very first Saturday of Ramadhan. Dahsat....

The rate is RM65 for adults and free for children below 12 (Since we made early booking, we get rm60 for adult)
DeqYa in her own Western Style 

Soup and Kopok pilhan DeqYa

Happy duo (Along & Abg Harith) yang lebih banyak 
ambik makanan daripada makan...

This year, the presentation is a little bit different. Last year,the seats are too many until it also occupied the outside corridor of SACC. But this year, SACC just use the main hall since the corridor have been taken by few stalls.

Hot Menu: Satay Daging

Initially, the entrance experience this year is not so good. Our table have been taken by others!! But....(Alhamdulillah since I'm trying to be a very patient fella) the staffs are great. They are so polite and helpful. They quickly opened up another table for sit back and erm...chill a bit.

We've been served with 2 types of drink. Air bandung and syrup. But at another corner we could also have teh tarik, tea and coffee, Soya, Orange juice and few other drinks.

My hubby and I had chosen SACC because of 'Kambing Kebuli' menu.We both are mutton die hard fan....and SACC didnt fail us. We both were so happy with the grilled mutton and lamb chop. Harith were
so patient waiting for satay while Along and DeqYa keep queing for Turkey Ice-Cream again and again.

Besides mutton, I indulged myself in Chocolate Moist Cake with touille.No bitterness at all. But I'm not satisfy a bit with the mini cupcakes. The icing is just too plain.

 Choc Moist

 Cheese Cake

We hope to listen to In-Team in live but that night only Diwani (i guess) make an appearance. And still they sound so good.

I rate SACC this year with 3 stars over 5 but the staffs are so nice.

p/s: Sorry...banyak2 gambor gambor Kambing Kebuli leh takder plak...mahap ye, tukang gambor laporrr


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