Friday, August 5, 2011

Chop n Steak Kg. Baru, KL

I apologize if this blog is quite bias when blogging about foods. Perhaps the choice of courses are quite simlar. However, my appetite has its own season. Chinese Cuisine Season, Orang Kampung Season, Western Season...and I believe more seasons yet to come but I haven't realize it. So, for this 'Makan2 Jew' next entry is also pointing to Western Cuisine grub.

We finally made it to this hidden restaurant in Kampung Baru (Kuala Lumpur). If we are not familiar in Kampung Baru area, it;s quite difficult for us to find this Chop & Steak restaurant.

Initially when we passed by the restaurant we quite amaze with the restaurant's facade. It replicates a ship and once we step inside, we can see another ship replica which actually the cashier counter. My children already amuzed by a big bike at the front side of the restaurant. They excitedly jumped on and acting like they are biking the harley.

We chose to sit inside a 'vessel deck' just to give more excitement to Along, DeqYa and Harith, and yes...they were so excited. We sat at the deck where we need to 'bersila' but chairs are also available and different part of the same vessel.

I chose to eat Rib Steak (RM15), my hubby chose Fish and Chip (RM8), my DeqYa only prefer potato chip with mayones, Harith with a big appetite chose Deer Steak (RM16) and my Along prefer nasi putih...hehehhe, so kampung one.

*The price is 'lebih kurang' la

I am very satisfied with the speed of the services. So fast besides more and more customers came in. Overall we were happy with the course served. The meat are not over cook, so soft like melting in mouth. They use rosemary!! I definitely can recognize that and I love it. The flavour of black pepper, white pepper, salt are just enough. The best thing about the stick is the sauces, it was flooding on my plate.

The fish for my husband is also well cooked. But it doesn't use any flour to wrap the fish. The chips are nice but not original....;-P

We also love fruit juice. So tasty and cheap!! Only RM2.50/glass for Durian Belanda juice. I highly recommended this juice.

Entirely, the visit is awesome but my only comment is the lighting inside of the restaurant. The light is too minimal for me but the decoration is unique and attractive.


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