Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Trip to K.Kinabalu & Kundasang : Part 4 (Finale)

18th October 2011

Last day @ Kundasang as well as KK

We explored the Poring Park a little bit deeper and guess what...we decided to climbed up the CANOPY WALKWAY !! Dengar pun dah seram kan ?? Hehehehhee...once again my beloved mother and my Along proven themselves amazingly. Tak larat ibu ayah nak kejar neh!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Trip to K.Kinabalu & Kundasang : Part 3

*Ralat: Sila abaikan tarikh pada gambar...tak tau nak ku adjustkan tarikh tu...miahahahha...

18th Oct 2011

Dah bersiap2 untuk check out. Sempat kami anak-beranak tibai maggi sebungkus sorang. Lapar weh!!

After TERKONO RM403, we all directly headed to Poring Hot Spring. Poring is actually also gazetted within Kinabalu Park area. Poring is actually the name of a small town in Ranau. 

Conservation Fee : RM3/adult , RM1 /senior citizen F.O.C for kids below 12yrs old

I’d missed the feel of natural hot spring because I’m too busy to look over my children whom already jumped inside the cool pool. But luck for my mom as she managed to soak her feet for about an hour.

My little babies were too busy enjoying their moment here. It’s too difficult to get them out of the pool!!! Eii…buang masalah anak2 ibu ni. 


After done persuaded my babies, we headed to Canopy Walkway. Seriously guys, we all thoughts, it just a simple route to get to the canopy. Hehehehe..we were wrong!! It takes about 540m above sea level !! Mak aii…mendaki lagi…yahuuu!!!

And no more guess….

Superb awesome

Tired…but need to move on quickly before sunset. (Please make your back journey to KK around 4:00pm since it will be very difficult to drive in dark)

Berhenti makan di Pekan Ranau. Haa…kat sini yang Aspen kata nasi goring sepinggan RM6. Tapi boleh tahanlah..cuma macam biasa…anjing2 berkeliaran sana-sini.

Erm…advice lebih2 and my mom still got her shopping spree in Kundasang small tamu. Tapi mahal bah kamu menjual disini. Ada ke strawberry sebijik sehinggit !!! Bisik kat telinga Along “Along…kita beli kat umah jerla ek”

Dalam nak cepat2 tu, tup tup my hubby mengendong sekotak sayur-sayuran. 

Hahahahhaa….adeh…nasib in flight package, each pax got 20kg baggage. Erm…suker ati emakla…nanti anakanda jugak yang nak makan….

Berhenti Zuhur + Asar @ Masjid Kundasang. (Lambat sbnrnya, sbb maghrib masuk dalam jam 6:10pm)

Eh...benti sat....adehhh benti lagi

Family Trip to K.Kinabalu & Kundasang : Part 2

Sambungan citer tentang a minor lost to Kundasang
So we did a good lost since we were able to fill up our hungry tummy at Tuaran. But, only after we full, we realize instead of having ZURAIDAH as the name for the restaurant, the owner is actually a Chinese. When hubby told this to Lina’s (my fren) hubby, he said that there are a lot of Chinese Restaurants in Sabah using Malay / Islamic name and some force their workers to wear ‘tudung’…

What an annoying trick…


After Tuaran, we heading to Ranau to reach Kundasang. It’s happened to be no Kundasang in the signboard. So the journey Tuaran – Kundasang took about 1 hour journey from Tuaran. Since we drove kancil, so it might be a little bit slower. 

 Small Temple @ Tuaran

Subhanallah…Subhanallah !!

Cantiknya. Indahnya. Ajaibnya…..(pinjam kata2 GadisBunga yang juga had her vacation there on the same time)

Walaupun berpuluh-puluh churches along the way which a little bit disturb my feeling, but I still feel stunning with the scenery in Kundasang.  Hati dibuai-buai dengan keindahan yang tak terkata. Hubby mengingatkan “Kalau ini Aspen kata indah…what would the heaven look like…”

Check in Mt.Heritage Hotel & Spa which formerly known as Perkasa Hotel. 
Ok, a little bit about this hotel. I can say the room is very comfort for me and my family. My mom chose to sleep on Sofa Bed with Along while the Trio: Hubby, DeqYa and I cuddled on the King Size Bed. There were 2 televisions with Astro Channel.  There were also fridge, kettle, hair dryer and bath tub. 

RM360 / night as offered in internet inclusive of Breakfast and Dinner.


Aaa..makcik TERKONO here.  When they claimed the BF and Dinner are inclusive, I never thought that they will charge me for another pax!! Since I did informed them earlier that my group consist of 3 adults, and they promoted that Suite Room and menjanjikan kemanisan bla bla bla…bila check in pun terus je kasik meal coupon stated 3 PAXs!! So…I thought what I thought la kan….
Alih2…waktu nak check out, they charged me RM 403 instead of RM 360. WTF…kan?

Itu satu hal…

Rupa2nya, dalam meal coupon tu, although it stated there for 3 pax..but it should only be RM25/pax for dinner, and RM18/pax for breakfast. So…if we order something which is more expensive, we have to pay for the balance. 

In my case, we didn’t know about this yet. We did asked the waiter but he so confidence tell us that we can order anything on the menu…no need to pay.

Alih2, after Dinner…I had to pay another RM55
And only after that, we realized…the person that served us the menu is actually a Christian.


Patutla kami langsung tak lalu nak makan.

Memang tak luak…tapi adalah jugak secebis dua da masuk ke perut….

So, my advice…if you stay in any hotel in Kundasang, better not to include breakfast or dinner. Lagipun, roti bakar 2 keping + Telur 2 biji + Peas = RM 22.80

Ok2…takpe2, itu citer tak best.
Tapi citer best…right after Solat Jama’ Takhir di bilik, kami terus keluar ke Kinabalu Park !!

@ Kinabalu Park.
Conservation fee is RM3 / adults
Mula2 masuk memang lost. Tak tau nak kemana dan nak buat apa. Nak ke Botanical Garden inside the park, alih2 tutup kul 4:00 ghupernya. So, hubby bagi cadangan yang drastic and critical…hehehehe…

“Jom kita ikut trail panjat gunung…”

Tanya my mom, “Boleh ke mak?”

“Eh….boleh!!!” Wow!! My 65yrs old mother!!! Walaupun dah terbayang-bayang abg dan kakak2 Aspen akan maki2 Aspen sebab heret emak…tapi I believe this would be a great experience for her as well, so we decided to follow the Pandanus Trail which drag us to 590m above the sea level. 

But we felt a bit disappointed because when we end that trail, we still can’t get the view from any of the top points. However, we all were so happy and satisfy with the experience. 

All of us memang dah berpeluh2 and kepenatan, tapi…suhu yang sejuk dan udara yang sangat2 segar mengalihkan focus. 

Paling tak percaya my little Along. Dalam orang kata dia lembik, kurus…dia yang paling kuat dan laju dalam cabaran ini. Hehehehhe…DeqYa jangan citerla, berdukung 80% of the challenges. Princess Baby ayahla katakan…

At room…Di luar hujan. Cuaca jadi sangat sejuk tapi emak kata, still tak sesejuk Cameron Highland. Ada betulnya. 

Hubby and I amik kesempatan berjalan berdua-duaan kat luar. Tak lama pun…balik2 da kena sound dengan Along “Ibu ngan Ayah tinggalkan Along!!” Erm….alahai
To be continued....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Trip to K.Kinabalu & Kundasang : Part 1

I've already been waiting this one trip since June. Alhamdulillah I managed to bring my family to have a great vacation in Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang. I hope with a simple journal of mine, those who are planning to go to Kota Kinabalu and visit Mt. Kinabalu in Kundasang would have a rough ideas about that Negeri Bawah Bayu state.

15th October 2011 (Sabtu)

Our flight should be 7:15pm but with our good kelam kabut here and there we only managed to be in KLIA at 7:00 pm!!! Thank God for let us meeting only those kind hearted FireFly crews. With some marathon scene (which is very not favour by my beloved mom) we board the plane a minute before the door close. Penat !!

Arrived at KKIA (Kota Kinabalu Int'l Airport) and guess mom didn't bring her MyKad!! She only brought her old IC. Adeh....tarik muka sket dengan emak sambil ting tong ting tong dengan pihak imigresen. Hish....kami di semenanjung tidak pernah tanya kalau kamu orang Sabah masuk ke semenanjung bah!!! Geram...geram...but then emak managed to get her 'PAS LAWATAN SOSIAL'. Aspen jeling pegawai imigresen sambil melirik ke papan iklan besar yang tertulis "1 MALAYSIA"

Huh! Sarcastic bah!!!

Keluar dari KKIA we see nobody with any signboard with my name. Huh! So I ran to the Tourism Table which thank GOD still open at that time and requested for Megah D'Aru Hotel's number. Called Megah D'Aru and 15 mins later, one bro with charter van came over to fetch us. Erm..lega. It was F.O.C (That's why I picked this hotel)
Megah D'Aru Hotel - about 10 minutes from KKIA
After verifying the credit card...terus naik bilik dusyum dusyum tidur!!!

16th October 2011 (Ahad)
Mata terpisat-pisat kena simbah cahaya terik matahari. "Jam aku ni silap ke hapa ni?" Cepat2 kejutkan mak for Subuh Prayer. She look at her watch "Eh..baru 5:45 la" Erm...we all forget that Sabah's time is actually about 1 hour earlier

Turun sarapan. Oo....kena main order2. Tak boleh lebih dari 3 org because I only booked breakfast for 3 pax. So hubby decided to shop for breakfast at pasar pagi nearby

My dear friend Lina and her family sent the rental car to us. lucky for having her in KK. She's been in KK about 10years sudah...

Lepas aje dapat kereta, we all move to KK town. We were lucky for being in KK in Sunday since we were able to meet the Tamu Gaya in Jalan Gaya. Since it's only open on Sunday, my family and I already bought all the souvenirs for our family.
"Tak payah pikir2 dah lepas ni" kata emak

Reached Jesselton Ferry Point. Aspen already planned to book boat return ticket for Island Hoping. I planned to go for all 4 islands, Manukan, Sapi, Mamutik and Pulau Gaya. But since it's already afternoon, so we only can go for 2 islands. But!!! believe me, 2 are already enough. Tired bah!!!

After had so much fun snorkelled in Manukan for 2 hours, we board the boat (from the same agent...jangan tersalah) with our wet clothes to spend another 2 hours in Sapi Island. Ok kengkawan, for return tickets of 3 adults and 2 kids for 2 islands hoping = RM130 + RM30 for snorkel equipments. I’m not sure if the price that we got is cheap or biasa2, but if you’ve been offered more than this price, its mean, you dah TERKONO.  For me, I just pick this because those offered in internet is much higher.

Subhanallah!! Cantik sangat2. We were all very excited with the fabulous surrounding and getting more more excited watched all the beautiful fishes swimming around us. Ader plak yang manja2 ni main gigit2 kaki. Auwww....I tak rela!!! Hehehehhehe..............Punyerla excited sampai lupe I brought my SATIO snorkelled together in Manukan.


I believe this is PEMBALASAN since I felt anger on my mum in KKIA (Remember?)

Back to Jetty. Emak dah kelaparan, so did all of us. In my plan we will going to Medan Selera for seafood, but we just stop at the "Masakan Padang Ibu" restaurant at the jetty.

It served nasi campur but you only can pin point to those lauk-pauk and few minutes later they will serve it to you in a cantik-cantik way la.

Nasi putih 5 plates, Terung Sambal 1 pc, Telur Masin 2 pcs, Chicken Soup, Masak Lemak Nangka (sorang mkn), Ikan Goreng...Daging sket, air sejuk 4 gelas, air kopi 1 cawan sume sekali RM68 ---> Mahal tapi da agak. Tengok tempat la kot. Tapi actually makan kat Sabah memang mahallah, sebab makan dekat pekan kecil Ranau pun, nasi goring dia RM 6 !! (Ok..kita citer ni later)

Maghrib di Masjid Negeri Sabah. Nice Masjid tapi maaf ye Muslimin Muslimat Sabah (especially those in KK)...Masjid Negeri kamu tidak terurus dan erm..tidak begitu bersih. If you compare it with erm..ok, I have to pick from my state of course, Masjid Negeri Selangor...aduhai macam langit dan bumi.

Anyway, alhamdulillah dapat solat Maghrib dan Isyak di situ dan sempat berkenalan dengan seorang 2 jamaah yang kemudiannya menghadiri kelas agama di situ. Kata salah seorang jemaah, walaupun dia seorang pegawai kesihatan, beliau turut menyumbang bakti untuk berdakwah di negeri Sabah. Waktu ini saya tidak begitu faham mengapa...(Pun citer later nanti)

Berjalan2 ke arah UMS, nak cari Menara Tun Mustapha sebenarnya (Kecur air liur bila melintasi Medan Selera) When we arrived at the monument building, I am so so dissappointed. Kenapa bangunan dan kawasan sekitarnya  gelap??!!! Aduhai...kecewa sungguh.
Gambar ni pinjam kat Google...tak secerah digambarkan

Although it was very dark, I still captured few photos of Along and Deq Ya with the building at the back...kenangan tu. Dalam perjalanan balik ke Megah D'Aru...kami melalui another Mosque, Masjid Bandaraya which also in gelap-gelita. Ermm..........

Reach Megah, baru berpeluang look around. Erm...there was a black book...written in BM, using ALLAH referring to JESUS. "New Testament" those who do not favour of this kind of disturbance, please do not stay here. But for us...we just put the book aside (wlaupun very very very unhappy)

17th October 2011 (Ahad)
Checked out from Megah D’Aru. Directly goes to Kundasang. I can say the road in KK is not difficult to understand. It has so many roundabouts, it’s good but sometimes we need to be careful because some of this roundabout is not noticeable from afar.


To go to Kundasang (Mount Kinabalu), we should head to Ranau, Sandakan and Kota Belud, but at the very beginning (from KK) just find the signboard to Tuaran.

We got a little confuse in here. We just drove right to Tuaran Town. In Tuaran, we were able to find Zuraidah Catering for nasi campur and tapau some for Kundasang. But...this is very ikhlas advice from me, do not simply trust the restaurant with workers with TUDUNG. Sedih gila bila fikir hal fact, it’s quite mencabar to find HALAL food as mencabar to identify who are Muslim and who are not.

Back to our journey.

So, we weren’t suppose to be in Tuaran Town pun. Before sampai this small town ada roundabout, so pick the simpang heading to RANAU.
(Erm...letihla pulak...kita cont. Later ok)

To be continued......

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ramadhan Buffet of SACC : The Attraction of Kambing Kebuli

Last year, I have my reunion in SACC, Shah Alam. My hubby and I found the meals served were so variable and extra extra. So we decided to come back again here this year. Tadaaa!!! We booked our seats for the very first Saturday of Ramadhan. Dahsat....

The rate is RM65 for adults and free for children below 12 (Since we made early booking, we get rm60 for adult)
DeqYa in her own Western Style 

Soup and Kopok pilhan DeqYa

Happy duo (Along & Abg Harith) yang lebih banyak 
ambik makanan daripada makan...

This year, the presentation is a little bit different. Last year,the seats are too many until it also occupied the outside corridor of SACC. But this year, SACC just use the main hall since the corridor have been taken by few stalls.

Hot Menu: Satay Daging

Initially, the entrance experience this year is not so good. Our table have been taken by others!! But....(Alhamdulillah since I'm trying to be a very patient fella) the staffs are great. They are so polite and helpful. They quickly opened up another table for sit back and erm...chill a bit.

We've been served with 2 types of drink. Air bandung and syrup. But at another corner we could also have teh tarik, tea and coffee, Soya, Orange juice and few other drinks.

My hubby and I had chosen SACC because of 'Kambing Kebuli' menu.We both are mutton die hard fan....and SACC didnt fail us. We both were so happy with the grilled mutton and lamb chop. Harith were
so patient waiting for satay while Along and DeqYa keep queing for Turkey Ice-Cream again and again.

Besides mutton, I indulged myself in Chocolate Moist Cake with touille.No bitterness at all. But I'm not satisfy a bit with the mini cupcakes. The icing is just too plain.

 Choc Moist

 Cheese Cake

We hope to listen to In-Team in live but that night only Diwani (i guess) make an appearance. And still they sound so good.

I rate SACC this year with 3 stars over 5 but the staffs are so nice.

p/s: Sorry...banyak2 gambor gambor Kambing Kebuli leh takder plak...mahap ye, tukang gambor laporrr

Friday, August 5, 2011

Chop n Steak Kg. Baru, KL

I apologize if this blog is quite bias when blogging about foods. Perhaps the choice of courses are quite simlar. However, my appetite has its own season. Chinese Cuisine Season, Orang Kampung Season, Western Season...and I believe more seasons yet to come but I haven't realize it. So, for this 'Makan2 Jew' next entry is also pointing to Western Cuisine grub.

We finally made it to this hidden restaurant in Kampung Baru (Kuala Lumpur). If we are not familiar in Kampung Baru area, it;s quite difficult for us to find this Chop & Steak restaurant.

Initially when we passed by the restaurant we quite amaze with the restaurant's facade. It replicates a ship and once we step inside, we can see another ship replica which actually the cashier counter. My children already amuzed by a big bike at the front side of the restaurant. They excitedly jumped on and acting like they are biking the harley.

We chose to sit inside a 'vessel deck' just to give more excitement to Along, DeqYa and Harith, and yes...they were so excited. We sat at the deck where we need to 'bersila' but chairs are also available and different part of the same vessel.

I chose to eat Rib Steak (RM15), my hubby chose Fish and Chip (RM8), my DeqYa only prefer potato chip with mayones, Harith with a big appetite chose Deer Steak (RM16) and my Along prefer nasi putih...hehehhe, so kampung one.

*The price is 'lebih kurang' la

I am very satisfied with the speed of the services. So fast besides more and more customers came in. Overall we were happy with the course served. The meat are not over cook, so soft like melting in mouth. They use rosemary!! I definitely can recognize that and I love it. The flavour of black pepper, white pepper, salt are just enough. The best thing about the stick is the sauces, it was flooding on my plate.

The fish for my husband is also well cooked. But it doesn't use any flour to wrap the fish. The chips are nice but not original....;-P

We also love fruit juice. So tasty and cheap!! Only RM2.50/glass for Durian Belanda juice. I highly recommended this juice.

Entirely, the visit is awesome but my only comment is the lighting inside of the restaurant. The light is too minimal for me but the decoration is unique and attractive.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nice Cocktail in SS2 Murni

I forget the name of this cocktail

Napoleon Steak

Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop

Nasi Goreng Meatball
Nasi Goreng Oyster

 My Lovely Pink Panther

Lately the hunger for western cuisine is increasing in me. My appetite always pointing to various kind of grilled protein and rich salad.Then, one of my husband's friend suggested SS2 Murni.

Honestly I was a bit suspicious when I first saw the owner. Chinese? But then a huge relief when I saw the JAKIM HALAL logo.

So I ordered Napoleon Steak and Pink Panther Cocktail for myself. My mother ordered Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop, Lamb Chop alone for Along, Nasi Goreng Meatball for PokSu, Nasi Goreng Oyster for Moksu and Mee Raaga which is highly suggested by the restaurant itself. 

I found out Napoleon Steak is a unique repast. A well cook sausage blanket by chicken meat. These protein taste good and well together. The Pink Panther cocktail is my 3 stars drink of the day. I believe it use the mix of syrup, milk and tamarind. The taste is so good with the sweetness of tamarind well blended with milk and syrup.

We came at 8pm and the crowd is quiet heavy. Somehow it triggered a little bit of uneasy feeling for us especially when we have DeqYa who wanted her own seat. There was a feeling of 'need to rush' which effected the mood of indulgence in the meal.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kanak-kanak Diberi Lebih Perhatian di PPUM

Anda pernah berhadapan dengan situasi yang sangat tidak menyenangkan di hospital kerajaan di saat-saat anak anda berada dalam kesakitan ? Saya pernah dan situasi itu sangat menekan.

Aspen tinggal di Klang dan PPUM merupakan salah sebuah pilihan paling wajar untuk mendapatkan rawatan bagi anak-anak. Baru-baru ni, DeqYa mengalami masalah terlebih 'wax' dalam telinga sehingga menyumbat saluran telinganya. Surat referral dari Klinik Ajwa (Sek. 7 Shah Alam) kami dapat refer direct ke Wad Kecemasan Paediatric.

Was Kecemasan Paediatric! Itu yang paling penting untuk anak-anak kita.

Masalah telinga kerap berlaku di kalangan kanak-kanak. Sesiapa yang menghadapi masalah ni, boleh cuba dapatkan rawatan di PPUM.

Monday, July 4, 2011

BBQ Land - Restaurant Sempoi

Perkataan ni muncul serentak dari mulut Aspen dan hubby.
Memang sempoi gila restoran bbq + steamboat yg
terletak kat Kg. Kuang, Sungai Buloh ni (Dekat2 Paya Jaras)

Aspen dari Klang, so Aspen amik hiway Guthrie.
Pastu cilok ke Sungai Buloh (belah kiri)...
adeh...Aspen x pandai sket nak guide ni

Lagipun memalam...hubby je yg tau jalan tu.
Sapa yang tau nak pergi Mahkamah Syariah Gombak Utara
tu taula kot....x pun angpa gugle ajer la
ngeh ngeh ngeh

Cara makan kat sini,
duk dulu...makan pepuas...pastu baru bayar
Dewasa RM20 dan budak RM10
Budak bawah 5 thn cam Adik....f.o.c sbbnya yg dia tau
nak buang udang ke lantai kasik kucing makan

(ups...ada kucing tau sini....)

Restoran ni x berdinding..bagus gak sebab x lah panas
membahang. Tapi ada kipas la.
Surau pun ada.

Makanan dia...erm, x banyak sangat pilihan.
 x   Ada daging yang dipaste dengan 2 cara
 x   Ayam pun sama.
 x   Pastu fishball satu type je
 x   Udang...size L - XL gakla
 x   Ada variety of mee.
 x   Ada sayur sket2....
 x   Sotong....

X banyakla....tapi daging tu sedapla...
boleh amik suka ati kamu
dan no time limit ok

My rate...
3/5 la
Tetiba rasa cam pandai masak plak....

Udang2 ini menjadi mangsa kelahapan kami

Dan akhirnya...terkecur jua

Price info

Sori gambor hampeh...
Notes marah: Apsal payah gila nak mengadjust posting ni??? tensennn
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