Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nice Cocktail in SS2 Murni

I forget the name of this cocktail

Napoleon Steak

Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop

Nasi Goreng Meatball
Nasi Goreng Oyster

 My Lovely Pink Panther

Lately the hunger for western cuisine is increasing in me. My appetite always pointing to various kind of grilled protein and rich salad.Then, one of my husband's friend suggested SS2 Murni.

Honestly I was a bit suspicious when I first saw the owner. Chinese? But then a huge relief when I saw the JAKIM HALAL logo.

So I ordered Napoleon Steak and Pink Panther Cocktail for myself. My mother ordered Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop, Lamb Chop alone for Along, Nasi Goreng Meatball for PokSu, Nasi Goreng Oyster for Moksu and Mee Raaga which is highly suggested by the restaurant itself. 

I found out Napoleon Steak is a unique repast. A well cook sausage blanket by chicken meat. These protein taste good and well together. The Pink Panther cocktail is my 3 stars drink of the day. I believe it use the mix of syrup, milk and tamarind. The taste is so good with the sweetness of tamarind well blended with milk and syrup.

We came at 8pm and the crowd is quiet heavy. Somehow it triggered a little bit of uneasy feeling for us especially when we have DeqYa who wanted her own seat. There was a feeling of 'need to rush' which effected the mood of indulgence in the meal.


  1. yg penting halal kanns.. ehehe

  2. aaa...itula, rupenye owner is Muallaf...adek bradek ngan Uncle William restaurant's owner..

  3. alamak, sekali saya nengok gambar nasi goreng osyter tu. perghhhh terus terliur hahahaha ...

  4. DrSinga: Uncle William ngan Murni ni adek bradek...tapi lom sempat ke William la

  5. MrAzizan: hehehhe...sedappp kalau tak cuba pun try wat sendiri k?


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